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Happy Coding!

Happy Coding!

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We believe that curriculum is a service, not just a product.
Our products and materials are not static entities , but a living and breathing body of work that is responsive to feedback and changing conditions. To ensure ubiquitous access to our curriculum and tools, they are web-based and cross-platform, and will forever be free to use.

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Best Curriculum
Curriculum content develop with the help of engineers from google ,amazon ,Microsoft ,Nasa ,ESA ,MIT Media Lab.
Expert Teachers
All Teachers have IT / CS degree with long professional experience of coding & also have great teaching ability
Lifetime Membership
We offer life time access to coding platform & also support for revision / query in coding
Authorized Certificate
Microsoft & Google certificates to be awarded after successfully completing the course
Personal Coaching
Every teacher teaches one student in easy way with due responsibility, caring & delivers her best performance
Progress Monitoring
We have set up progress tracking system for entire course through which we can analyze the performance of student